How Perfume Works

The main ingredient in any perfume product is the perfume oil which is also referred to as the “Heart” of any perfume. Similarly to our heart, this oil pumps the fragrances on continues basis in the solvent which is usually denatured alcohol. The other ingredients are stabilizers and oil retainers in the product.

How long the  fragrance lasts depends on the quality and the amount of the oils used in the products. The better the quality, the longer it will last. Usually in the branded perfumes the percentage of perfume oils goes even up to 20% hence you pay a higher price for the same. But that is not the only reason that you pay such higher prices for those products, you also have to pay for the brand name!! But that does not mean that every expensive perfume is good  value for our money. Not everything which shines is Gold!! There are many good options available at very affordable prices and which are worth their value. 

The ‘lasting’ of the perfume also depends on the many other factors--- like the way we apply it on our body and what activities do we do after applying the same. To  get the best results perfumes should be applied immediately after taking bath and directly on the skin since the skin retains the oils for much longer period than the clothes. 

Another very important factor concerning the lasting of the fragrances is the fragrance type itself. There are many fragrances which are milder than others and these fragrances will always last for a lesser time than the once which are stronger in nature but that does not mean in any way that the milder fragrances are weak or are not of good quality, they have their own advantages and are used by many people only because they are mild.

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