History of Perfumes

 The Perfume industry is one of the oldest and fastest growing industries in the world. There is no definite data available which can trace the origin of this industry but it is believed that the word Perfume  evolved through the Latin word "Per Fume" meaning "through smoke" which came by burning incenses and aromatic herbs. 

In the olden times when there were very limited methods of using perfumes the people of the elite society used to add some perfume oils in their bath tub hence, it was called the "Toilet Water “which in French is "Eau de Toilette". The French reigned over this industry for a very long time and even today they are perceived to be the best in this trade, which is really not the truth any more.

Today the meaning of perfume is very different in the minds of people and is a lot more than just burning incenses. Even though there are so many other ways available to use perfumes (spray, roll-ons, etc.,) the product is still called "Eau de toilette" but that does not mean at all that it has to do anything with toilet!

Today perfumes are being used by all classes of the society and symbolize the life style of the person who wears it. It not only generates a pleasant fragrance but also describes the personality of the user. This process of change has also disproved  the myth that perfumes are meant only for the rich and famous as now it is becoming a part of everybody’s life. The rapid acceptance of Internet and E Shopping, even in India, has led to the proliferation of the 
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