Changing Perfume Trends in India - From Body Spray to Perfume

India has a rich history and tradition of herbal beauty products derived from the age-old heritage of ayurveda and natural sciences. The fragrant oils derived from spices and herbal plants like ginger, sandalwood, jasmine, rose, menthol, eucalyptus, and khus to name a few.

Royal women idolized for their impeccable beauty and perfect grooming style are known to have regularly used fragrance oils to suit for different occasions and ceremonies. Then the aromatic fragrance of oils was a craft perfected only for the elite. Arab merchants were the first to implement fragrance oil distillation. They spread the use of aromatic oils among commoners too.

Perfume use was first rooted in Europe, and was made fashionable and diplomatic when celebrities and royal families together embraced perfumes with all admiration. As British ruled India for a long time, they discovered Indian spices and scented oils to refine them for daily use.

The market of perfume in India today is growing by 20 percent annually and expected to match Europe and America’s consumption, as young generation likes to use perfumes, and body sprays more often. A body spray is a mixture of water, alcohol, gas and very little percentage of fragrance oil, whereas Perfume is a pure mix of high percentage of fragrance oil and alcohol with water.

When you use spray, most of the contents of a body spray get lost in the air and only a part of the fragrance covers the body. Since it has gas as one of the highest ingredient and because the perfume content in the product is very low (sometimes just 2%) the body spray just closes body pours for a very little time and very soon the fragrances leaves the body whereas an Eau de Toilette stays for a much longer time on the body because there is not gas to help the fragrance fly out. Hence it is always better to use perfumes than a body spray.<

With the increasing awareness of the advantages of using Eau de Toilette over the body spray, now many companies have started directing its marketing campaigns towards perfumes. In their advertisements somebody spray companies now say that “Our body spray has Perfume in it” some have started claiming that their body spray do not have any gas just the perfume!!

It is now forecasted that the usage of Body spray India will now be going down and people will use more of perfumes but this transformation will be faster if the consumers get the Eau de Toilette products at a competitive price since right now all these products are highly overpriced in India and does not prove to be value for money.

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